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In Solidarity with Gaza, Ceasefire NOW!

Ir a In Solidarity with Gaza, Ceasefire NOW!

The situation of extreme violence and human rights violations that population in Gaza is suffering is unacceptable. Friends of the Earth Spain, as an organization that fights for social and environmental justice, strongly condemns the collective punishment, the continuous indiscriminate attacks and serious violations of human rights that we witness daily against the civilian population of Gaza, actions that constitute war crimes.

We also condemn the indefensible and atrocious attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians, but this cannot in any way justify a collective attack on the civilian population of Gaza.

The serious abuses that are taking place did not begin on October 7. For decades, Palestinian people have been subjected to systematic abuses, blockades, absolute control of resources. This apartheid and war crimes have been allowed by the impunity granted by the international community, and this silence has resulted in what we are witnessing these days.

Spain and the EU have a fundamental role to play in reversing the disregard for international law and in promoting initiatives that resolve the conflict and lead to the construction of peace. Complicit silence is not an option. We urge all political leaders to call for an immediate ceasefire and the protection of civilians.

We also demand Spain to suspend the purchase, supply, export and import of all weapons, ammunition and other military and security equipment to Israel. We cannot and do not want to have trade agreements with the Israeli army; this makes us somehow complicit in the atrocities committed. Moreover, the aggressive and disproportionate military offensive against the people of Gaza requires no other response from the government of our country than the severance of diplomatic relations with Israel. We are witnessing a genocide; therefore a ceasefire and ceasing all relations with the government of Israel is the response that the magnitude of the facts demand.

Finally, we make a special mention and send our deepest solidarity to our colleagues in Palestine, Friends of the Earth Pengon. A coordinating organism of different Palestinian organizations that emerged out of the need to resist and denounce Israeli violations against the Palestinian environment and Israel’s control over Palestinian natural resources. We want them to feel that they are not alone and that from here we will continue demanding justice and the end to this genocidal war.


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